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We worship at 10:30am on Sunday mornings at 1122 Miller Road, Bowen Island


We have an open table at Bowen Island United Church. That means you don’t have to be a member of this church or any church at all in order to come and be with us and participate at your own comfort level. All are welcome. Always.

No matter where you find yourself on your faith journey, you are welcome here. No matter who you love, you are welcome here. Here is a place where we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ because by doing so we believe we maintain a focus on justice, reconciliation, forgiveness, compassion, and love. We believe that if we follow the path that Jesus shows us, we can contribute to the healing of the world.

Bowen Island United Church is dialed into the needs of our community. Our eyes, ears, hands and hearts are open and aware of the many with whom we share this island. We’ve been keeping the campfire burning for over 100 years on Nexwlélexm, (Bowen Island) this sacred unceded piece of land that belongs not to us, but to the Squamish people. 

Come and explore our vibrant faith community, find peace and solace in our worship, and join us in spreading love and kindness.


Our services are for families, kids, and the young at heart. Together, let’s journey towards a brighter, future, rooted in faith and service.


By following the path that Jesus shows us, we aim to focus on justice, reconciliation, forgiveness, compassion, and love.


We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ because we believe that by doing so, we contribute to the healing of the world.


Sunday mornings offer a fairly traditional style of worship with prayer, hymns, moments of silence, and time for reflection.

Our services to the community
Strawberry Tea

We love bringing the community together in the early summer for an outdoor gathering with strawberries, tea, scones, gently used clothing, entertainment, and more. Start planning your favourite fancy tea outfit! 

Food Bank and meals

Our church offers a pantry-style food bank, allowing 24-hour access for anyone in need.
We also enjoy gathering with our community over a warm, nutritious lunch or turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Pastoral Care

With many in our community in need and many in the world who are suffering, we offer a prayer circle, spiritual care, home visits, as well as prayer requests. On the lighter side, we provide pet blessings!

Moments in time
The Strawberry Tea: JUNE 15 FROM 10AM TO 3PM

It won’t be too much longer, we just need to wait for the strawberries to ripen! For decades now, the Strawberry Tea has been a favourite annual event on the island. We’ll have our regular features such as strawberry shortcake, sandwiches, a barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers, raffles and a silent auction, gently used clothing for sale, music, and pies and strawberries for sale!

We can’t wait to host our tea once more and to invite the community to gather, visit with old friends and new, and enjoy an age-old Bowen tradition. So start planning your favourite fancy tea outfit! Hope to see you there. All are welcome. Always.